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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Sep 24, 2020

Episode 56: The Invisible Disability With Guest Bonnie Wiscombe

In this episode, we discuss the unique challenges that come with kids who don’t “look” like they have special needs but still need extra patience and consideration. Guest Bonnie Wiscombe homeschools all of her 9 children. Her daughter Vivian has special needs. Vivian is a twin, but her twin doesn't have special needs. This made it easier to pick up on the disabilities more easily. Her milestones were a lot more delayed than her twin's. Vivian has always been homeschooled, but for a few years, she was able to attend public school one day a week, which helped to get her an IEP and resources through the school system.

Vivian was diagnosed with a learning disability in kindergarten. Her teacher had brought numerous concerns to Bonnie's attention, and so Bonnie got Vivian assessed through the school district. The school did evaluations for occupational and speech therapy. However, they weren't able to provide a clear-cut diagnosis. Vivian was diagnosed with learning delays. Her daughter also did very in depth testing with the psychologist and was diagnosed with ADHD as well. The psychologist afterward recommended medication to help with attention, which Bonnie chose to help her daughter with symptoms of ADHD. This has been very helpful in assisting her daughter in making progress with her learning disability. Her daughter was having difficulty not only academically but with attention, playing with others, and transitions from one activity to another.
She was provided with an IEP early on in schooling. However, she moved to a new district recently, and has been doing only homeschooling, so she does not currently have an IEP. However, when she did have an IEP, they took good data and they re-evaluated Vivian every few months, so they could see continued progress. Vivian is currently seeing a dyslexia tutor to help with learning disabilities, which is helping tremendously.

When her daughter is around other kids or families, Bonnie makes sure to communicate with the other parents about what Vivian is going through and what to expect. She asks others to offer warnings to Vivian before ending an activity. Bonnie has struggled with Vivian's peers being mean to her. Therefore, Bonnie tries to explain things to the children in an appropriate way and ask for patience with Vivian. Bonnie also does role plays with her daughter to help Vivian learn how to interact positively with other children.



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