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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Sep 10, 2020

Episode 54: Searching For Diagnosis and Treatment With Guest Keikilani Jackson

In this episode, we discuss having difficulty getting proper diagnosis and treatment. Guest Keikilani Jackson noticed differences in her youngest children as early as 3 weeks. However, doctors told her that there was no problem with them and that she should not be concerned. Keikilani continued to notice difficulties throughout her daughters' early years. Her daughters were tested for Autism a few times and were found not to have ASD. However, doctors didn't know what was going on. They just kept giving Keikilani parenting advice. She finally saw a therapist who diagnosed her children with sensory processing disorder. They were later diagnosed with ADHD.

In order to get treatment for her children, she and the doctors had to find numerous workarounds to get the diagnosis and treatment that her children require. The symptoms of ADHD and sensory processing disorder were affecting life for her children both at home and school, and Keikilani wanted to find help for them. She found information and resources from Facebook groups and searching information on the internet. Some days, she had to just google providers and call them and hope they could see her and would take her insurance.

The school didn't really help her find a diagnosis or resources. Her children were finally accepted for special education, but the school has not yet implemented any strategies to help her children. However, the school plans to implement numerous sensory strategies next year. Her daughters are currently in occupational therapy to help manage sensory processing disorder. The therapist comes to their house and teaches Keikilani how to help meet the sensory needs of her daughters. She is trying to get behavior therapy for her daughters but either insurance won't cover services or the fee for services is too high. She has found that appealing insurance denials has been very helpful in obtaining needed services.

Links for Keikilani:
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