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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Aug 19, 2021

Episode 103: Raising a Child with STXBP1 With Guest Chloe Weber 

In this we discuss rare genetic disorder called STXBP1. Guest Chloe Weber’s son Remy has a rare genetic disorder called STXBP1. This condition affects syntax and binding protein. For these individuals, their bodies don’t make enough of the protein,the protein  is misfolded, and the proteins can affect the brain. The condition can cause delays, cognitive impairments, ataxia, apraxia, parkinsonian tremors, and epilepsy.


Remy was referred to early intervention at 9 months, as he was not developing as expected, although Chloe first started seeing signs at 4 months. He was then referred to genetics and neurology. He was diagnosed with a genetic disorder at 2.5 years old.


Although her son has a lot of impairments, Remy remains happy and in the moment, even during this therapies. His seizures started when he was 2 years old, around the time he was diagnosed. For treatments, they manage seizures, stress, insomnia, and any symptoms that arise. There is no cure. They have tried intense therapy programs, CBD, oxygen therapy, supplements, movement therapy, ozone therapy, hyperbaric therapy, neurofeedback, and floor time. Remy needs constant supervision, even at night, due to having nocturnal seizures.


Chloe discusses all of the advocacy work she has had to do to help Remy, including advocating for him to be allowed to attend school. Remy was kicked out of school twice, causing them to have to move, and uproot her company and leave behind family and friends. When Remy was 3, there was an inclusion program that he was able to attend through the school system, with a lot of supports. As Remy got older, Chloe started getting phone calls to come pick up Remy because the school didn’t want to deal with his behaviors. He is now in a great program in Colorado, although the paraprofessionals are mostly in charge of the children, rather than the special educator.

For Chloe, she copes by being easier on herself, using positive self-talk, uses Fight Camp, being in nature, and using meditation.



Remy’s Revenge

Radical Roots Herbs


Brain Balance Program

Family Hope Center

Fight Camp

NAPA intensive therapy




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