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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Dec 5, 2019

Episode 12: I Do I Do I Do Believe in Self Care

In this episode, we discuss the awesome parts of self-care. Before kids, we had tons and tons of really varied hobbies. We were actually, like, cool, or semi-cool people. Also, Lewis was, and always has been, a squirrel. But since having children, especially ones with special needs, all of our self-care strategies fell by the wayside. For Jessica, it is hard to engage in more self-care due to feeling guilt about taking time for herself, perceiving that she is stealing time from the kids. There are so many ways we would like to start caring for ourselves, from the awesome stuff like getting regular massages, to cleaning up our hellhole of a house. There are so many things we would like to start doing again. Like massages, physical therapy, meditation, using lotions, engaging in hobbies, taking walks, reading, and spending time with each other. And of course, clean and organize the house.

Yeah, right. It would be lovely to take breaks, cook, and taste food again, as well as wear clean, fitting, and matching clothes. We don’t feel that there should be a distinction between self-care vs luxury, because it is so important to take care of ourselves, as if we don’t, there will not be anyone to take care of the children. Plus, what is necessary for one person might be a totally different story for someone else. After a discussion, we felt willing to spend money on self-care, as long as money is available at the time, although Jessica still has trouble being willing to spend time on self-care. Self-care is absolutely do-able, no matter the situation. The tools don’t have to be lengthy or expensive. They can be simple and free tools, like taking short breaks throughout the day, doing yoga poses when needed, tasting your food, and giving yourself a massage. We don’t currently spend a lot of time on self-care, but we are working toward spending more time for ourselves. Because of course it makes a difference, to both our health and our mood! So get out there, and start caring for yourself!!


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