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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Feb 6, 2020

Episode 21: Outings With Kids

In this episode, we discuss how in the world to get out of the house with children with special needs. One of the problems is that each kid changes so frequently, that what worked a week ago, may no longer work this weekend. Going out somewhere is a lot of work. However, it is really a necessity for us. Benji is very aggressive, especially at home. Plus, staying at home for more than an hour causes the children to become very restless and they destroy the house. Therefore, we need to go out. But there are so many things that need to be packed, and inevitably, something important is missing. We like going to places that are outside, because the children like space to run and it gives them lots of options. Places inside tend to set off meltdowns and aggression, so we avoid them. We cannot go to quiet places or places where they are expected to sit still or behave. Those have gone poorly. Although we would like to say that we go places for the kids, it is really to physically protect everyone involved from getting hurt and losing their minds. When we go out, we have to go somewhere where the items we need to bring do not fill up more car space than we have. Therefore, places like to pool and the beach are no-gos. When we are out in public, Alex is usually well behaved. Benji can be well behaved, but he becomes overwhelmed and overstimulated very easily, and therefore, he won't eat, he runs around a lot, elopes, and he becomes very quickly and easily fatigued. We tend to be sweaty messes in public, covered in food, hair sticking out in every direction, and with a huge mental load. It is stressful, but again, worth it. We try to cope with being out by being in the moment and holding hands with the kids. It is hard to do, but it works.

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