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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

May 28, 2020

Episode 37: Having Autism Spectrum Disorder in The Entertainment Industry With Guest Trey Olds

In this episode, we discuss being in the entertainment industry while also having autism spectrum disorder. Guest Trey Olds has ASD, is 19-years-old, and broke into the industry at age 13. He has had his own radio show, and also has been a DJ, writer, and actor. Trey broke into the entertainment industry at the recommendation of friends, who thought he would make a voice actor. He has progressed through different parts of the industry. Trey discusses further how he got into each area of the entertainment industry. Practicing and hard work help Trey to get more comfortable in the industry and to improve his performance and writing. He mentioned that there are ups and downs in every area of the business, so persistence is key. Having ASD was initially a challenge for him in the industry as some agents wouldn't speak to him due to him having the disorder. He was also very shy. However, he adapted and practiced to help him get through being so shy. He also found that going out and meeting new people helped him to network and find new opportunities. Sometimes, he was able to use ASD to his advantage, as occasionally it got him more interviews on his radio shows. Some acting roles came his way specifically because he had autism. He found that staying positive helped him progress through this industry. He also found that he could learn from failure. He recommends that folks be persistent, but nice and not pushy or rude. Having a thick skin can also help. Make sure to have a backup plan or a regular job to keep a steady income. And always be respectful and nice to your fans.


Trey's YouTube Channel
Actors of The Past
Trey Olds Radio Show

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