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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

May 28, 2020

Episode 37: Having Autism Spectrum Disorder in The Entertainment Industry With Guest Trey Olds

In this episode, we discuss being in the entertainment industry while also having autism spectrum disorder. Guest Trey Olds has ASD, is 19-years-old, and broke into the industry at age 13. He has had his own radio show, and...

May 21, 2020

Episode 36: Self-Care For Parents and Advocating For Your Special Needs Teen With Guest Britney Dent

In this episode, we discuss self-care for parents and advocating for you special needs teen. Guest Britney Dent started off as a social worker and teacher. When she started staying home to take care of her children, she...

May 14, 2020

Episode 35: Beating All The Odds With Guest Linda Smith

In this episode, we discuss guest Linda Smith's story of raising her son, Christopher. At an early age, Linda overcame her childhood abuse. As an adult, she experienced homelessness but also fame with being a dancer, actress, and model. She and her husband were...

May 7, 2020

Episode 34: Financial Planning for Special Needs Children with Guest Zaccary Call

In this episode, we discuss financial planning for children with special needs. Our guest, Zaccary Call, explained that there are many different facets to Social Security. Social security/retirement income is what we think of retirement...