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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Dec 23, 2020

Episode 69: Our Crises of Faith

In this episode, Jessica and Lewis discuss their own crises of faith. Jessica’s faith varied throughout her lifetime but was strong before having children. After both kids were diagnosed with special needs, the Jewish community in which she lives, her son was kicked out of a Jewish day school (and also abused him), neglected at another Jewish day school, and the community excluded her family. She started to resent the quantity of holidays that she was unable to participate in, and the huge food restrictions that her children were required to follow, when they were already very picky eaters. After seeing the discrimination and huge lack of support, she lost her faith in her religion.


Lewis tried out different religions growing up before he decided on Judaism. He threw himself headfirst into the religion and became very observant. He felt disconcerted after one Jewish day school neglected his son, and again after the other one kicked his son out for having autism. He later saw how LGBT folks were treated in the Jewish community and using bad terms for them in the scriptures and it being outright forbidden. He started to do more research and didn’t like what he found. It was the last straw, because his deep down beliefs didn’t match up with the scriptures. This led to a lot of resentment toward religion and he lost his faith.



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Hosted by: Jessica Temple and Lewis Temple


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