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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Sep 30, 2021

Episode 109: Executive Functioning Tips From ADHD Coaching With Dr. Norrine Russell


In this episode, Dr. Norrine Russell discusses the benefits to ADHD coaching and provides tips to help with executive dysfunction. Her son and daughter both have autism, ADHD, and anxiety. She noted that one of the hardest parts of parenthood is feeling alone. Although her children have the same diagnoses, they have very different presentations.

ADHD coaching is about teaching skills that kids with ADHD are delayed in developing, such as executive functioning. They provide support, collaboration, skill building, and scaffolding. They figure out what are their strengths and where are areas for development. Then they build executive functioning or social-emotional skills. They start by building the relationship. They then set goals, and teach and manage executive functioning skills. They use a project manager, including planning with reflection, practice, skill development, and goal setting. They work to break down barriers to get the kids where the kids want to go.

Coaching is helpful when their mental health is stable but they are still struggling due to a lack of skills. To use planners, they take the planner out, wait while they write down assignments, and sometimes have people text or email the child assignments, so they have them in writing.

Have a dedicated in and out box dedicated for school things. The child puts things in the box that the parent needs to see. The parent completes whatever it is, and then places the completed item in the out box. The child then needs to check the out box before leaving for school every day.

Make sure your child has a red folder. Every piece of paper they get in school goes in the red folder. When they get home, they open up the red folder, they figure out what goes in the parent in tray and what is homework. When the homework is done, it goes in the return side of the folder.

Have refreshers of every school supply item and remind your kid to go and replenish each thing once per month.

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