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Thriving in the Midst of Chaos: Parenting With Special Needs Kids

Nov 21, 2019

Episode 10: Imma Gonna Drive My Car

In those episode, we discuss the constant grossitude of our car: the piles of seltzer carcasses, rotting food, phantom smells... Our children only semi-dislike car rides, but Alex now throws toys, steals Benji's toys, fusses, then falls asleep. Benji occasionally plays with toys, but truly loves looking at the vehicles passing by. His favorite car ride past time is asking millions of questions. However, they are all difficult existential questions with no definitive answer, so after hour 3 of question time, it gets rough. Zoning out helps us manage the car rides, although as a passenger, Jess likes to flip through magazines or play games on her phone while answering questions. At some point, Jess acts out different characters, or makes Benji "mommy" so she can drive Benji nuts. As a last resort, we tell him it is unsafe to distract the driver. Alex is portable, so it is easy to get him into and out of the car. Benji is tougher, as he is a loose cannon and likes to run into the street and try to hug cars. Plus, he has to inspect everything that ever existed, so it is a lot harder to get him into or out of the car. Throwing toys, asking us to pick things up, having meltdowns, asking us to dig for snacks and wipes, and asking us to look at things behind us make the driving much less safe. Our longest car ride was 5 hours, which was brutal, due to lots of screaming, Benji having croup and Alex having severe diaper rash. We are going to hold off on long car rides for a while.


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